Their menu was huge! It took over the entire table.


Still full from the Loco Moco, we ordered just a few items.

To start, a strawberry flavored slushy-like vodka drink.


Ahi tataki with garlic chips. It was a little disappointing considering the fish didn’t look or taste fresh. I’m in Hawaii right?! Aren’t they supposed to have fresh fish? Second time I’ve been duped with fish dishes.


Ramen noodles with a spicy (and oily) miso paste broth topped with pork and Chinese chives. I’ve had WAY better ramen before.


And lastly, high on every Yelp review, honey toast. Thick Japanese white toast that was cutout, cubed and bathed in butter. To up the calories, it was also drizzled with honey and topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It was so freaking thick and dense! Delicious for the first several bites, nevertheless.

The restaurant is hip with clever design. I loved how the interior was decorated with very basic materials (s-hooks and small wooden slabs strung together to create a barrier).


Overall, Shokudo is great for drinks, but not for food.

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