Western Rice + Kiddy Land

For lunch, we went to Mitsukoshi, a major department store in Toyko. Like most department stores, the restaurants are on the bottom floor and filled with boutiques selling all sorts of enticing food items.

I'm not sure what the restaurant was called, but they specialized in Western Japanese food and croquettes (fried breaded food filled with potatoes, meat, etc).

I got the daily special, rice with beef and poached egg in brown sauce. The dish came with okra, but I'm not a huge fan of okra, so the chef kindly removed it. The sauce was savory and went very well with the rice, especially when I popped the yolk.

Jason ordered a beef omelet rice. It was swimming in brown sauce!

Even though I couldn't finish my dish, we had to try their famous croquettes. Jason and I shared a minced beef croquette. It had a crunchy exterior with a soft and moist interior. Not bad, but this was too much meat for me. I'd prefer the original, mashed potato version.

Our next stop was Harajuku to visit Kiddy Land, a massive toy store. Each floor had a specific theme, whether it be Sanrio, Snoopy, Rilakkuma. There were so many oh-so-cute things to see and play with, it was hard not to spend a lot of time in the store.
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