Wailea + Cheeseburgers

After roaming around Grand Wailea, we headed over to The Shops at Wailea, a mixture of high-end retailers and knick-knack stores.

One of the stores I particularly enjoyed was Sand People, a shop filled with all things Hawaiian. I loved the vintage-inspired packaging.

The other store I liked was Ki’I Gallery, a small gallery with beautiful glass mini planet sculptures by Josh Simpson (I want one!) and butterfly art.

It was so hot and humid; we took a break and went to Cheeseburger for a drink.


Persuaded by the excellent copywriting on the menu, we both ordered their “famous” pina colada and mai tai. Meh. Not that great, at all. Hard to compare when you already had the best pina colada and mai tai.

Also a little hungry, we figured we should order their sliders, considering the name of the restaurant was Cheeseburger.

These greasy sliders weren’t appetizing at all. They were so bland and oily. How can this place have FIVE locations and serve sucky food? Especially when the owners are from California, the state known for its amazing food?



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