There was a ton of exotic fruit: papaya, pineapple (Maui Gold as they call it, grown right behind the fruit stand), lilikoi, starfruit and giant avocados. I’ve never seen avocados THAT large!

I regret not getting any fresh fruit, especially pineapple. We had tried a sample and it was the best pineapple I’ve ever had. It was extremely sweet, tasted like candy. 

There was a truck, Olowalu Juice Stand, right next to the tables of fruit and I got the recommended lilikoi. It was blended with ice and fresh squeezed cane juice—simple as that.


It was my first time drinking fresh lilikoi. I’ve only had it mixed with POG or in malasadas from Leonard’s back in Oahu.

Jason had the first taste and he immediately said, “you’re going to like this.” I surely did. It was an explosion of tropical sweetness in my mouth, with a slight tartness. There were a lot of seeds, but that added to the already icy texture. I absolutely loved it.


Anyone know if I can get fresh lilikoi juice in the Bay Area? It’s such an exotic treat!


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