Aloha Maui

Soon, the sun was shining and slowly working its way through the clouds. Phew…


We took a taxi to the airport and almost missed our flight to Maui (inter-island terminal, my friends!).


But got there right when they were boarding the little plane.




As we landed, Maui immediately looked very different from Oahu—fewer buildings, more land and a whole of lot ocean.

We had 3 full hours before the wedding and we were starving. Our friend recommended Koiso Sushi, but they were unfortunately closed. I didn’t have enough time to research Maui before our trip, so we didn’t have many other restaurant suggestions.

We drove around the island, in our cool bright blue convertible (yes a convertible again, “THE place for a convertible!”), and ended up at Jawz. Yes, Jawz with a Z.


Known for their fish tacos, we ordered two, ono and ahi.  The fish was barely there, considering the tacos were mostly made of cabbage, cheese and a 1000 island-like sauce. They were nothing special and I’ve definitely had way better fish tacos before.


We saw an interesting pineapple fried rice on the menu, but it ended up being not-so-interesting. I could barely taste the pineapple and the rice was overcooked.


Maui’s food was not off to a good start, but that wasn’t our main concern. We had a wedding to get to!


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