Last Night in Oahu

Bummed, we walked back to our car, knowing we were THIS close to trying Waiola’s famous shave ice. We’re talking about interesting toppings like mochi, condensed milk and red beans; exactly what my co-worker was saying about Ice Garden. We could have even had it after Rainbow Drive Inn, everything’s that close to each other, without us realizing it!

At least I got to try shave ice just a few days ago…and if I really still wanted shave ice, I can probably get some in Maui.

Jason and I walked around the downtown Waikiki strip a little bit and then grabbed a drink at Hula Grill. Remember the very first day we were trying to find a specific beach-side bar in the heat and couldn’t? Well, THIS was it. The Hula Grill, right on the beach. But, sadly, we couldn’t sit at the tables right on the beach because they were reserved for diners only. At least I was no longer in jeans and sweating my ass off.


Beach-side or not, the ambiance inside was nice and it still felt as though we were outside, only several yards away from the beach. We ordered cocktails, a mai tai and lava flow, highly recommended by Jason’s co-worker.


The lava flow was delicious yet very girly.  It was a blend of their pina colada with an “explosion of strawberry puree.” Good, but I would only order one of these and move on to the next drink.


Jason’s fresh squeezed mai tai came with fresh pineapple, guava, orange and passion fruit juices, orange curacao and Diamond Head dark rum. The one we had back at Turtle Bay was so much better, but at least this one came in a really cute cup—one side had a smile and the other, a frown.

Puka Dog (Hawaiian style hot dogs) was on my list, but we savored our mediocre drinks way too long and realized it was just about to close. We were only blocks away, but Puka will have to wait until next time.

We ventured onto Duke’s, a bar right below Hula Grill and this time, right on the beach. The night was perfect, not too hot or cold.


I found a satisfying cocktail, ambassador, a concoction of lychee vodka, coconut rum, passion fruit juice and raspberry puree. It had a nice kick to it, but also a slight sweetness. I’ll have to try to make this back home, seems easy.


As we walked back to our hotel through the Waikiki beach, we couldn’t believe it was our last night in Oahu. We’ve been having so much fun and enjoying the local flavors. Our vacation was already half over and we didn’t want to leave. But, if Maui’s as cool as Oahu, we’ll be in for a treat.

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