Mac Nut Pancakes

This was our last full day in Oahu and a flight to Maui was scheduled for the next morning, so everything we wanted to eat in Oahu had to be accomplished in the next 24 hours.

First off the list, the famous macadamia nut pancakes at Boots and Kimo’s in Kailua, 30 minutes away from Waikiki.


It was an hour wait, but as we finally entered the sports memorabilia filled restaurant, I was excited yet very hungry.


During the wait, I was debating on whether I should try the French toast or pancakes with the mac nut sauce. I typically don’t like pancakes that much because I get tired of the batter-filled taste (law of diminishing returns, no?). Plus, I’m not a huge fan of super sweet things.

I saw the pancake plate on almost everyone’s table and it reminded me of pancakes I had back in Chicago. The ones I had in Chicago were over-the-top sweet and these Hawaiian ones were completely smothered with sauce too. Chocolate and mac nut sauces are very different, I know, but just the image of white sweet sauce covered pancakes was enough similarity.

I’m only in Hawaii once, right? I HAD to try THE dish that everyone recommends. I even asked the waiter if the mac nut sauce was really sweet and he said no. I ordered the pancakes and got the mac nut sauce on the side, just in case.


Three big pancakes quickly arrived at our table and I tried just a small taste of the macadamia nut sauce.

Whoa. That’s good. 

And not overly sweet at all.

I kept spooning my side of mac nut sauce onto my pancakes, slowly enjoying each bite of fluffy pancake and creamy mac nut sauce. I enjoyed the chopped mac nuts that were sprinkled throughout, giving each bite a crunchy texture. The sauce had the perfect thick consistency and balance of sweetness.


I didn’t finish my pancakes (I never do), but I wished I had a little bag to take the rest of the mac nut sauce home. Jason was very satisfied with his pancakes too (as you can see. Haha). He finished everything and was practically licking the plate.


Mac nut pancakes, check.


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