Sun, Shrimp + Coconuts

We didn’t have any idea which beach to go to and ended up at Turtle Bay Resort. This resort was incomparable to the luxurious Kahala Resort, but they had a large golf course, if you’re into that thing.

We laid out on the beach to kill time before our next meal. Didn’t I tell you everything is revolved around food?

My co-worker was also in Oahu (what are the chances!), so we met at Giovanni’s shrimp truck.


I ordered their popular dish, shrimp scampi—a dozen shrimp sautéed in olive oil and garlic. It’s as simple as that. The large shellfish was extremely fresh and meaty. Very garlicky, if you can’t tell. Loved it.


Right next to Giovanni’s truck was another truck selling smoothies and guess what, fresh coconuts! I was ready to check my second must-get in Hawaii off of my list.


I was surprised to see a slightly older, light brown colored coconut appear from the truck. I was expecting a large, green young coconut. These small brown ones are usually older and not as sweet. I didn’t let the breed of coconut deter me as I took a sip.


Eh. Not exactly what I expected. The coconut juice had a slight sour taste to it. I’ve had fresh coconuts before and this did not taste as good. I was slightly disappointed, but figured I had four more days to find the perfect fresh coconut.

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