Spaghetti Comfort

It's weird, but I think spaghetti bolognese gives me comfort.

I say weird because I didn't grow up eating this. My family's Chinese and I grew up eating all sorts of "odd" non-American stuff like rice porridge and herbal soups. I've always liked noodles, so maybe the association is there with pasta.

I had the craving for spaghetti with meat sauce one night and I quickly whipped it up. I make this dish frequently, but I tend to make it on the fly with the same basic ingredients.

My steps are usually the same: sauté ground beef with chopped onions and garlic, add tomato paste and chopped tomatoes (canned tomatoes if I don't have fresh ones) after the meat's browned and season with salt and pepper. Depending on the consistency, I sometimes add a little bit of the cooked pasta water to thicken.

To finish, I place the cooked pasta into the meat mixture, so every strand is coated with the sauce.

The dish is simple and easy, but so gratifying.

What's your comfort food?

One year ago: LA Bound


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