Hello, Hapa Ramen

I first heard about Hapa Ramen through my friend, Antonia, while we were researching for her ramen article. She told me she was going to Hapa Ramen founder (ex-Nopa chef), Richie Nakano's house to learn how to make ramen. I was ecstatic for her opportunity and really wanted to try Hapa Ramen out myself.

Hapa Ramen opened during Thursday's Ferry Building Farmers' Market and months rolled by before I had the chance to grab a bowl. I was excited as I mentioned, so I'm not sure what made me lag.

During one foggy, cold day, I was so busy that I missed lunch hour at Gap's cafeteria. I figured, today would be a good day to enjoy a nice, hot bowl of noodle soup.

Time was short so I ordered the slow cooked pork ramen bowl to go (separated the noodles so they wouldn't be soggy by the time I returned to office).

I poured the thick broth into the noodles and was a little disappointed that I didn't get more soup. There were definitely a lot more ingredients than the soup could handle.

The braised pork shoulder was alright, while the seasonal vegetables of corn and string beans were fresh. This bowl of ramen was untraditional and I kind of liked that (traditional ramen comes with roasted pork, bamboo shoots, fish cake and egg), but I didn't think it was amazing.

The broth was intense and full of flavor, maybe a little too thick. It was also a bit salty and left me wanting to drink a lot of water afterwards.

Overall, it was only decent. There are definitely better ramen places, but if you're craving warm noodle soup during lunch, Hapa Ramen is a good option.

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