Good Morning, Gifu

I thought we would have to wake up really early to snag this deal, but we caught the last seating around 10am. Not bad!

I ordered a latte for about $4 that came with one of the best breakfasts of my life.

On a plate came a super thick toast with light butter. It was unbelievably soft and the best toast I've ever had. It was something so simple, yet amazingly delicious. I asked if I could purchase this type of bread in stores, and unfortunately, it's only sold and served to some cafes.

This wasn't America, so we didn't get strawberry jam with our toast. Instead, we got a little bowl of azuki (red bean paste) and fresh orange jelly to smother our toast. I didn't need it though. The toast was good as is. There was also a small cabbage salad with miso dressing, which the Japanese believe helps your digestion.

This was the perfect breakfast and a great way to start the day. I can definitely get used to this Slow Life and would love this everyday.
One year ago: PPP


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