Kiyomizu Temple

Our first stop was the entrance to the basement of Zuiga Hall, the womb of Zuiga-Bosatsu (motherly Buddha). Upon several steps, it becomes pitch black and your eyes try to adjust, but they can't because it's so dark. It was scary, not knowing where you're going and only following a thick string of Buddhist beads as your guide. After a few turns, you reach the Zuiga stone, where you make a wish.

We visited the famous Love Stone, which are actually two stones. According to the legend, to find true love, you must touch one stone and walk to the next stone while closing your eyes. If you make it to the second stone without opening your eyes, you will find true love.

Beyond these "gimmicky" attractions, the large temple itself is gorgeous and history says the monks didn't even use a single nail. Quite unbelievable! The view of Kyoto is spectacular and it was nice to see so much green after being in the big urban city of Tokyo.

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