Dumplings + Chicken

My friends and I trekked all the way out to the Inner Sunset to San Tung, a Chinese restaurant that specializes in dumplings and a spicy chicken dish.

One of the girls I was with absolutely loves this place and she kept raving about it, so I was excited to give it a try. Plus, the half an hour wait re-assured me that this place had to be good.

I let her take the reins in ordering and we started off with preserved eggs. At first, I thought it was the thousand year old egg, but nope, it's just simple boiled eggs flavored in five spice and served with soy sauce. Thank goodness it wasn't what I expected (not a huge fan of the ancient black egg).

We also got shrimp and leek dumplings, pork dumplings and mu shu beef. They were fresh and not bad; preferred the shrimp and leek one, considering I love Chinese chives. Mu shu beef is a variation of the more common dish, mu shu pork. It was stir-fried with sliced beef, scrambled eggs, wood ear mushrooms, bean sprouts, green onions and cabbage. Mu shu is served with thin tortilla-like crepes. You put some sauce onto the crepe, fill it with the mixture and eat it like a taco, or how my mom likes to explain it, "Chinese burrito."

Lastly, their "sooooo goooooood" dry fried chicken wings in a spicy, garlic sauce. The chicken had a light, crisp batter and the sauce was pretty good (not too spicy), but here we go again: I don't like eating off the bone. I only ate a few wings and if I come here again, I'd probably order the "diced" version.

San Tung is a little far, but if I was in the neighborhood, I'd give it a go. Although, a really good izakaya/ramen place is down several blocks…

One year ago: Finally Got Some Ramen

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