New Discovery

I was craving to try a new restaurant. After some research, Jason and I decided upon Marzano in Oakland.

Luckily, we were immediately seated; none other than my favorite spot, at the counter.

Except this counter was literally, at the bar. We got a few splashes here and there while the bartender was making drinks, but overall, still a great front row spot for the brick oven.

We started with deep fried arancini alla bolognese. The last time I had arancini was at Adesso. Marzano's is much better. They were crisp and the tomato jam was robust, bold and full of tomato flavor.

On to the main dish, a quatro formaggi (four cheeses) with pancetta pizza. The Neapolitan-style pizzas are wood fired and ours was topped with mozzarella, fontina, pecorino, grana padano, oyster mushroom, sage, with the addition of pancetta. A little too salty, but still satisfying. It doesn't beat my favorite pizza place, A16 in San Francisco, but this location is much closer and it'd do when I'm craving pizza.

We were suckered into a dessert and ordered an olive oil cake with cherries. Decent, but I could have easily skipped dessert.

The best part about sitting at the counter, especially one that is at the bar? Making friends with the bartender.

He introduced us to the newest alcohol on the scene (Marzano was one of the first to carry it), Firelit coffee liqueur, made with famed Blue Bottle coffee. Firelit is a mix of coffee and brandy, to achieve an extremely audacious, strong liqueur. Firelit puts Kahlua to shame—not for babies. It's too strong for me, but I loved the aroma and full-bodied coffee flavor.

Marzano was a great night and a fortunate, happy discovery. We both really enjoyed it and would go back again.

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