Fresh Fish

A late birthday celebration for my friend, Michele, at Sebo in San Francisco.

Our original intent was to go to Range, but the restaurant was packed and the wait was an hour and half. We changed gears, went to the Hayes Valley and stumbled upon Sebo.

I've heard great things about Sebo, including an episode from Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, San Francisco edition. My perception of the restaurant was pricey, but looking at the menu posted outside, it seemed reasonable.

Sebo's menu is limited (no California rolls here) and focused on fresh fish, even listing where its from (mostly imported directly from Japan). I was a little lost at first, since I don't eat much raw sushi or know many types of fish. I ordered a range of familiar and popular nigiri  – fatty tuna, mackeral and eel. I also wanted to try something new, so I randomly picked ice fish.

The fish was the freshest I've ever eaten. I didn't even need to use their house made soy sauce. It was good as is. The ice fish was a surprise, not knowing they were tiny fish and a bunch of them. It was still very good and not fishy or slimy at all. I've actually had ice fish, in dried form, many times with my mom's cooking.

I also ordered a maguro roll that came with tuna and lemon, kaiware (sprouts), avocado, sea salt and sesame oil. One of the best rolls I've ever had. The flavor was fresh, complex and I loved the touch of sesame oil.

To round off our meal, we also had amazing sake, Jinyu Junmai Ginjo. It was served chill and had a sweet, easy-to-drink taste.

The whole meal was delicious.

And pricey. Unfortunately, the menu outside was old and about $2-3 off per dish! How sneaky, they reel you in with affordable prices and then hook you with a $80 bill (per person)!

Sebo is amazing, with the freshest fish in town. Just don't come here hungry. ;)

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