Ramen Hunt, Part 3

The last stop for San Franciscan ramen was at Halu, a small Beatle-mania restaurant in the Inner Richmond.

Antonia and I started with kaisou salad with three different types of seaweed. It wasn't anything special; just your typical seaweed salad with sesame, rice vinegar, sugar and salt.

Similar to our previous ramen bowls, we wanted to order the chasu ramen for adequate comparison. Unfortunately, the pork wasn't ready and would take much longer than we anticipated. We got the next closest, karaage (fried chicken) ramen ($9.95).

When my meal came, I quickly removed the fried chicken to a side plate, not wanting it to soak in the broth and turn mushy. Meh, the fried chicken wasn't that great – too dry.

The noodles were okay, but the meat flavored broth was too salty. It felt too oily and heavy and I could only eat half of the bowl.

Already too full, we had also ordered chicken with basil kushikatsu, a chicken skewer fried with Panko breadcrumbs. Surprisingly, this piece of chicken was moist and the basil leaf was a nice touch of flavor.

Out of the three: Izakaya Sozai, Oyaji and Halu, Izakaya Sozai wins. The broth, noodles and meat were all spectacular and created harmony. It had the richest and most flavorful broth, without being heavy.

I've been to a few other ramen places and will definitely need to do a ramen run in South Bay, where many say is the best place to get authentic ramen in Northern California.

Thanks to Antonia for this fun adventure. Check out her great article that also includes a recipe to make your own.

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