Ramen Hunt, Part 2

As previously mentioned, I was Antonia's accomplice to find delicious ramen in San Francisco.

Our next stop was Oyaji, way out in the Outer Richmond district.

We started with a tuna sashimi and sliced mountain potato (aka mountain yam) salad. I've never had this vegetable prepared like this (I usually have it in soups), but I liked it. The texture was crunchy (like jicama), less starchy than normal potatoes, slimy, with a subtle taste. It was a nice, contrasting texture to the soft, raw tuna.

Antonia and I also ordered karaage, deep fried chicken in a light crispy batter. Pretty good, but I had better karaage just recently at Kokko.

On to the main highlight, cha-shu (roasted pork) ramen in tonkotsu (pork bone) stock ($7.50). So disappointing. The broth was way too oily and not even close to authentic tonkotsu. It's suppose to be cloudy and white, from hours of boiling pork bone and fat on high heat. The noodles were also mushy and not fresh at all.

Lastly, we had ika sauté, squid sautéed in butter and soy sauce. It was good, but nothing special.

So far, Izakaya Sozai wins.

One year ago: Fresh From the Oven

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