Brown Sugar Kitchen

To celebrate our anniversary, I surprised Jason with two destinations (of course, they're all tied back to food – haha).

We started our day at Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland. We both always wanted to try this restaurant and heard their chicken and waffles were really good. We luckily beat the rush and were immediately seated at the counter (my favorite spot in an open kitchen).

Not wanting to overfill our tummies, we split their specialty, cornmeal waffle and Fulton Valley buttermilk fried chicken with brown sugar butter and apple cider syrup. Delicious!

The waffles were extra fresh, with the perfect thickness and had a satisfying crunch and texture from the cornmeal. The chicken was also tender and juicy, with a light, crispy batter. Instead of the usual maple syrup, Brown Sugar Kitchen jazzed it up with apple cider; a unique, vinegar-y flavor.

It's hard to compare it to 900 Grayson, Brown Sugar Kitchen's rival for chicken and waffles. They're both so good. But, in a perfect world, I'd take 900 Grayson's chicken and Brown Sugar Kitchen's waffles.

This day's starting off right. :)

One year ago: Fresh From the Oven

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