$45 Jardiniere

Double date with Jeff and Wendy led us to Jardiniere's special Monday night prix fixes. It was three course dinner that was paired back to Riesling wines.

We started off with a light shellfish salad with carrots, pea greens and Meyer lemon. I thought the shellfish wasn't the freshest, but the overall flavor was still refreshing. First course was paired with a brut riesling [ always great to start the meal with some bubbly ;) ].

Second course featured an extremely tender Berkshire pork loin with a ragout of fennel and spring onions and tellicherry pepper au jus. This came with an fruity and crisp riesling spatlese "dhorn hofberger" mosel. So delicious that I had to order another glass.

To conclude our meal, a mediocre brown butter almond tart with elderflower honey ice cream and riesling gastrique. It was paired back to a dessert riesling, auslese "saar scharzhofber" mosel.

Jardiniere was satisfying and the prix fixe is definitely a great value. It wasn't anything out of this world, but I'd probably go back for other Monday night prix fixes.

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