Banana Island

A late lunch was at Banana Island in Daly City. I rarely go out to Daly City, so this trip was just for Banana Island. Jason told me they served really good Singaporean, Malaysian, Thai food, so I wanted to check it out.

It was just the two of us, but we ordered way too much food (we often do that). We started with a light as air roti canal (Indian pancake), which was made to order and served with a light curry dipping sauce. We also got chicken rendang that was braised in lemon grass, chili paste and coconut curry. I didn't like this dish that much, considering it had a ton of bones in it (if you don't know already, I don't eat many dishes with bone).

Two other dishes we had were chicken pineapple fried rice that came in the pineapple shell and Malaysia tofu platter. The tofu platter was served sizzling hot and came with minced chicken and shrimp, mushrooms and interestingly, egg.

Although the dishes were slightly too salty, Banana Island had rich flavors and the roti canal was by far, my favorite dish of the meal. I think I'd go back, if I was in the area.

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