O Chamé!

Mid-week dinner with Jason was at Berkeley's O Chamé on Fourth Street. I love Fourth Street, by the way. It's a small cluster of outdoor shops and restaurants. Fourth Street is the perfect place to spend a sunny day and do a little shopping.

I tried the pork udon, which was an extremely tender roasted tenderloin with spinach and takuan in a clear fish broth. It was pretty delicious and I was amazed by how tender the pork was. The fish broth might sound a little disgusting, but it quickly warmed my body and didn't have any fishy taste at all.

I also discovered a new favorite sake, Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjo Sake. It was served cold and the flavor was dry, but still very smooth and had a slight citrus taste. Hakutsuru was such an easy sake to drink. I don't know much about sake, but I'm slowly learning and discovering how tasty they are.

Overall, really enjoyed the experience and food at O Chamé. It is a tad pricey for what you get. The udon was $14.50(!) and sake was $22 ($8 at a grocery store; I know, I know, restaurants have huge markups). I WAS at Fourth Street, a slightly higher end place, so it was fitting that I'd pay a lot. :X

Thank you Chris for the recommendation.

One year ago: Sunday Morning

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