Sideboard, Again

It was another trip to Sideboard in Danville for some catching up with my dear friend, Michele.

I got an artfully presented latte and house made biscuit topped with Canadian ham, scrambled eggs and melted Gruyére cheese. Not bad, although, I prefer the salad I got last time.

Sideboard's hot sauces were stocked in an old red toolbox, super cute idea.

I was really happy to see a bottle of chipotle sauce from Frontera. I didn't get to go to the restaurant in Chicago, so a little bottle of sauce sufficed. Delicious, sweet, mild with roasted peppers and a smoky taste. I need to find out where I can get this!

The waiter warned me to stay away from Dave's Insanity sauce. I couldn't resist not trying. It's that feeling of someone telling you, you shouldn't do it, but you really want to. And so I did…. Holy cow. Extremely spicy! Even from a tiny sampling! It was like a kick to my face. This sauce was definitely not for babies. I should have listened. :X

One year ago: Couscous + Dolmas

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