Jason and I took a long train ride from Indiana to Chicago, which dropped us right at Millennium Park. From the station, we had to walk three blocks to Kimpton Hotel and it was the coldest walk of my life. The harsh, icy, cold air was freezing and my hands and face were immediately frozen. This Californian girl was not ready for the chill; even with gloves, multiple layers and a long, thick wool coat!

After thawing in our hotel room, we roamed the streets for dinner. Not the best thing to do in freezing weather, but Frontera (THE restaurant I wanted to try) was already overbooked; should have made reservations beforehand!

While searching for a restaurant, we walked behind a guy who's pants were falling. I couldn't stop laughing, but wondered why he couldn't feel the extreme chill on his exposed skin.

We ended up at a steak house, Smith & Wollenksy, which was right on the Chicago River.

Impeccable service, outrageously delicious split pea soup (I usually hate pea soup), extra smooth whipped potatoes and the perfect bottle of red wine. Steak? Unfortunately, undercooked and then overly charred and burnt, after I told the waiter it was undercooked. The waiter (too bad I forgot his name!) was so attentive and knew something was wrong and graciously comped my New York steak. Great experience, but definitely won't go back, even with the free steak.

One year ago: The Go-to Place: Lush

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