Salad + Beer

Jason and I explored Indiana a little by driving around and checking out downtown's new developments.

We also had a late lunch with his cousin, Anita, at Uptown Kitchen. It was a cute, modern restaurant that had the Californian philosophy of healthy cooking with organic, fresh produce.

I thought I forgot my camera back at the house (boo! downsize of big purses), so I didn't take a picture of my meal. The chopped salad I ordered had a mixture of greens, hearts of palm, red pepper, carrots, cucumber, diced red onion, sprouts and tomato in garlic parsley vinaigrette. It was a little too garlicky and I was hoping for something like the amazing salad in Vegas, but not quite.

Afterwards, we went to a food and brewery called Granite City. Not knowing which beer to try, we ordered a flight to try the eight different brews (by the last glass, I miraculously found my camera!). I don't remember the specific one I enjoyed, but each one was pretty good. Great size too. It totaled to a little more than a pint. And the best part? $3.50 each for the flight. Wow!! $3.50. You'll never see that in California.

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