Needless to say, Indiana is completely different than California.

While visiting Jason's family, we spent a lot of time inside, considering the weather is icy cold; even though 25 degrees Fahrenheit is considered "warm."

Jason's aunt and uncle live right next to a lake, which also includes a lot of wildlife (even swans!). This is what's great about Indiana. Wildlife, nature, snow, tranquility. It's nice to get away from the busy city life.

The animals come right up to the window all the time. It's fun to watch. Got stale bread? Just throw it outside and the squirrels come running.

On the other hand, Jason's adorable niece, Sophia, likes to bake pies for the animals. The pies consist of cereal, tea, flour, marshmallows, candy and anything else she can find in the kitchen. These pies might not be for human consumption, but the squirrels love it. :)

One year ago: Dinner with the Relatives

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