Spicy Maggie

I needed to have dinner before we went out for drinks at Hemlock, so we topped by Sudachi. I've been here before, thought the food was pretty bad, but it was the only place around that has food and drinks at a decent price.

I ordered a dish called "spicy Maggie veggie fried udon," purely because my name was in it. The dish was a pile of noodles and vegetables in a spicy sauce. I thought it'd be fried, like Hong Kong-style pan fried noodles, but nope, it was all stir fried together. The name was deceiving!

Spicy Maggie was also extremely spicy; so spicy that I could barely eat more than a few bites. There was no flavor and everything mushy, not good at all. It didn't look pretty, that's why there isn't a picture. Not cheap too! It was about $10 for that dish.

What did make the experience only slightly better was a $2 bottle of Slim Chance – a light, citrus-flavored ale.

Second time at Sudachi was a huge fail. Never going back to this place. I'll have to grab a burger or burrito from somewhere else next time.

One year ago: Chinese New Year

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