Mom’s Chicken + Rice

Whenever I see my parents, they give me a ton of food. Sometimes it's overwhelming how much they give me and the amount of leftovers I have to take home. I shouldn't complain, considering the food's always good and I won't have to cook for a few days or…week.

My mom made a nice meal of ginger, soy sauce chicken and "noumai fan" or Chinese sticky rice. It was fulfilling and nice to not have to cook dinner after a long day at work.

She makes the rice so well. My mom puts the sticky rice in a pan and continuously adds water and broth to cook it. This takes awhile and patience (like making polenta), constantly stirring the rice. When it's almost completed, my mom adds dried scallops, sliced shiitake mushrooms, Chinese sausage and scallions. It's a meal in itself. Gotta try to make this one day. :)

One year ago: Fresh, Light + Healthy

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