Dinner in Union Square

Kate and I went to dinner at John’s Grill in Union Square. I’ve never been here before, so I was excited to try something new; especially in Union Square, considering there aren’t that many good places to eat in the area (suggestions?).

The interior is dark, sophisticated and looked unchanged for many years (the restaurant is one of San Francisco’s oldest establishments). Many framed pictures of famous celebrities and politicians flank the dark oak walls.

I wasn’t sure what to order, until I saw the words, “featured in Gourmet magazine” above chicken Jerusalem. I figured if this was good enough for Gourmet, it would be good enough for me. The grilled chicken breast came with a pile of sautéed artichokes and mushrooms and drenched with a creamy white wine sauce. At first, my chicken was under cooked, but the waiter graciously brought me another plate without any fuss.

The chicken was tender and satisfying with the sauce. There was definitely a ton of butter in that dish. Upon first bite, I could taste the butter melting in my mouth. It tasted so good to dip bread into the sauce. You can’t be counting calories here, especially with the generous portions.

Kate ordered the jumbo prawns dijonnaise, which also had a thick, rich, buttery sauce. There were hints of wine, garlic dijon cream and mushrooms.

Overall, John’s Grill is decent. But considering how much the entrées are (chicken – $20, prawns – $23), it’s not worth its value. It was a good meal, but nothing spectacular.

Thank you Kate! :)

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