I was craving for some curry, but didn't want to go all the way to Murraci's for lunch. I was feeling kind of lazy too, so I didn't want to travel far, but wanted something different than Gap's seventh floor cafeteria.

I walked around the Ferry Building and stopped at Delica, a sleek, modern, Japanese delicatessen. I've always wanted to try this place, but never did because it's pricey. I saw a little sign promoting their mushroom curry and figured I'd suck it up and try it, plus, I was craving curry and this would hopefully satisfy my cravings.

Delicious! Well, first of all, the presentation of this entire delicatessen is unbelievable. I wish I took pictures (next time!), but everything is gorgeous (when is Japanese food never beautifully presented?). Every single piece of vegetable, meat and fish was perfectly cut and artfully placed.

My round plastic bowl was filled with white rice, with mushroom curry on the side and fried chips of lotus root sprinkled on top. The curry was good, but I'd prefer Murraci's (more flavor). I liked the lotus root with the curry combination, it gave the meal a nice, crunchy texture.

I'm so glad I tried Delica and would love to go back and try more things.

One year ago: The Go-to Place: Kinder's

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