Tuk Tuk Thai

Jason and I went to Tuk Tuk Thai in Berkeley for dinner. We weren't too hungry, so we ordered tod mun and guey teaw ta lay.

Tod mun (not pictured) is a deep fried fish cakes. It came with pickled cucumbers and peanut sauce. It was ok. Basil were in the fish cakes and I thought they overpowered the flavor.

To share, we had the guey teaw ta lay, combination noodle soup. The transparent noodles were delicious and the soup had a ton of ingredients – egg, vegetables, shrimp, sliced chicken and most interestingly, snow fungus. I haven't eaten this in so long. My mom always had snow fungus in her soups and I loved them. The texture is jelly-like, but soft and slightly crunchy.

The broth of the soup was strong and slightly sour (most likely from fish sauce, popular in Thai cuisine). I think I would have enjoyed this even more if it was in a clear, chicken broth. There were already a lot of ingredients in the soup and a clear broth would have highlighted the flavors.

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