The boys have been talking about Spices 3 forever…. I was dying to try this infamous restaurant that served niu rou mein, a popular Taiwanese spicy beef noodle dish.

I ordered the special noodle dish and I was pretty happy. I didn't even break a sweat, considering it's suppose to be quite hot. I think my tolerance for heat grew exponentially the past several years. I used to always order mild or not spicy dishes. The broth was rich, full of MSG, but not a surprise, so I didn't drink too much of it. The beef tendons were tender and the noodles chewy. It's definitely a lot better than my last experience.

Jason ordered another popular dish, pork chop rice that came with pickled mustard greens, bok choy and a tea egg. Not bad and quite filling for a reasonable price.

One very interesting dish we also ordered was stinky tofu. I remember as a kid, I'd walk by a certain restaurant in San Francisco Chinatown, smell the strong stench and gasp for fresh air. Stinky tofu smells like really old gym socks that's been sitting in the laundry basket for way too long and started to grow a fungus. It stinks that bad.

As soon as it was near our table, the sour smell filled the air. I've never tried it because I couldn't even get pass the smell, but I was determined to try it. The stinky tofu was actually not that bad. It's basically fried fermented tofu, but once you take a bite of it, the smell goes away (or maybe you just get used to it) and the taste is slightly sour. Tried it once and moving on to other things. haha.

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One Response to “Spices!”

  1. Lan Says:

    You’re making me miss home :) I used to eat at Spices at least once a month…I wish Chicago had something even remotely similar.

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