Waffle Mania

Killed some time at the Grand Lake Farmer's Market on a bright, Saturday morning. I was hoping to try Phat Matt's BBQ, but I was at the market too early and they were still setting up.

I roamed and found a Belgian waffle truck, Waffle Mania, right next to the popular truck, Roli Roti. Since I haven't had breakfast, this was the perfect portion – small, yet able to satisfy my hunger for a little bit.

As I waited in line, the sweet smell of batter filled the air. I was excited to try the thick waffles, but couldn't decide what to get – Nutella, powdered sugar, chocolate, plain, whipped cream…?

I ended up getting powdered sugar ($3.50). I figured I should try the most basic flavor and let the batter speak for itself.

So delicious! The made-to-order waffle was warm, light and crisp. Exactly how a waffle should taste like. It had a thin sugar glaze, along with the powdered sugar, so every bite was filled with sweetness.

After some researching, I found out the batter is from a Belgium company called "So Good." Definitely so very good! But, for some reason, I was kind of disappointed to hear it was a franchise. I had envisioned the friendly guy in the truck, waking up early each morning to make waffle batter and so happy to share his "secret" recipe. Nah, shipped directly from Belgium.

Either way, it's delicious and a great start to my Saturday morning, or any other morning. Next time, I'd try either the plain or the Nutella. The powdered sugar can get quite messy, especially if there's wind. :X

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