Girls’ Weekend Continues

After the amazing breakfast at Boon Fly Cafe, the girls and I drove through the beautiful, never ending vineyards to our first wine tasting at Cuvaison.

My camera battery unfortunately died after several clicks at the vineyard, so I only have two pictures to show. :(

I loved the gorgeous, teak and cherry wood building, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Cuvaison's vineyard. What's also great is the windows are retractable. At the time, the windows were open for us to stroll outside and easily slip back in to enjoy more wine. I loved the functionality and the idea of having an easy transition of inside and outside. I want my house to look and function like that. The building is 85% solar powered, so eco-friendly and green.

OK enough about the architecture, how was the wine? Not bad. I tried the white and red tasting. Nothing made my taste buds jump for joy, but all were easy to drink. Each tasting also comes with a complimentary glass.

We also went to Artesa that had breathtaking views, modern fountains and decent wine.

We were pretty hungry by the time we finished Artesa. Off to our sweet cottage (La Casita) for some dinner, hot tubbing and canned corn!

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