New Favorite Place in Napa

It was a girls' weekend in Napa and our first stop was breakfast at Boon Fly Cafe at The Carneros Inn.

The last time I was at Carneros Inn was for my cousin's wedding. I didn't even know there was a cafe on the premises, until that day. I was surprised when we pulled up, remembering I was just there a few months ago.

The building looks like a barn (complete with a cute swing set) and painted bright red, which makes it easily seen from the highway. The interior is industrial, with exposed beams and pipes, and also modern, with sleek aluminum counter tops and an open kitchen.

I started with a pom cooler with Soligo Prosecco sparkling, fresh pomegranate juice and St. Germain elderflower liqueur. It was good. Light, fruity pomegranate with a touch of floral flavors from the elderflower. Loved it. Definitely going to have to try to make this.

I also started my breakfast with a house made donut. Oh so good. Although small, it was light, fluffy and topped with sugar – just the way I like it.

For my main course, I ordered the Boon Fly Benedict. Seriously, the best eggs Benedict I've ever had. A perfectly poached egg was on top of a thick cut of ham and pain levain (French sourdough bread). A slightly hot jalapeño hollandaise sauce was smothered over the egg, meat and bread combination. It was so good when I cracked the egg and the creamy yolk melted and combined all the flavors. Even the hashbrowns – very thinly cut potatoes, perfectly crisp.

The portion was huge too. I would split it the order the next time I go. It's more than enough for two people.

Really loved Boon Fly Cafe and would certainly go back. Be sure to not go when you're starving, there's most likely a 20+ minute wait!

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