Back on Track, Part 4

Oh no, cooking every night has failed.

How could I not go out on a Friday night? :(

Fortunately, Jason and I decided to stay home on Saturday and I cooked sausage and white bean casserole (I skipped the prior recipe).

I've never worked with the gorgeous, deep red, swiss chard before. I should more often. The taste is mild. Although, I wish I could use the pretty stems for something. Seems like such a waste for me to just throw them away.

I used Aidells Italian sausages and would have never thought of eating them with swiss chard and cannellini beans, but it was a nice combination.

Out of the dinners I cooked this week, my favorite would have to be the quick beef tacos. I'm a taco lover and typically make my own every once in awhile. But, this recipe helped me vary the toppings and realize that you don't always need iceberg lettuce, cheese and tomatoes as your toppings. Expand!

Honorable mention goes to lemon-cilantro vinaigrette from Monday night's dinner. Loved this sauce and would use it on multiple dishes.

Four out of five dinners isn't too bad, but I technically did fail my challenge. It is hard to stick to a dinner plan! I need to be more committed the next time I do this (if I do it. haha).

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