Fatties, Part 4

Am I seriously on part 4 of my gluttony phase? Or is it not even a phase and just part of my everyday life?

Jason, Jeff and I haven't been to Zachary's in a long time, so we ended up having dinner there during the weekday.

I love Zachary's.

It's opposite of what I usually love when it comes to pizza styles. Zachary's is Chicago style, deep dish. I was hesitant the first time I went to Zachary's, knowing that I love thin crusted, but I feel in love upon first bite.

We ordered our usual – spinach and mushroom, that's topped with mounds and mounds of fresh tomatoes and cheese. I was stuffed after eating 2 slices. Seriously, how did I engulf two full slices AND beer?

Well, wait until you read what I did next…

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