Experiencing Roli Roti

I’ve always wanted to try Roli Roti’s famous porchetta sandwich, but never wanted to endure the 25+ people line.

I was finally persuaded by one of my friends from Old Navy to make the trek over to the Thursday Farmers’ Market at the Ferry Building. I usually take my lunch around 12:30 – 1, but we were to be in line before noon, to beat the rush. These Old Navy boys are serious when it comes to food. :)

Their strategy paidd off, we were in a 5 person deep line and was served within 10 minutes. My mouth was drooling as Thomas (the owner and guy in my pictures) cut thick slices of meat from a perfectly roasted pork belly and he wiped the juice filled cutting board with my sandwich roll.

It was still early for me to eat lunch, so I split the porchetta sandwich. Upon first bite, delicious. The meat was tender. And the skin? WOW. It’s truly the best part. The skin is so crispy and flavorful. The onion marmalade was a nice, subtle compliment to hold the sandwich together. There was also a layer of curly cress that gave the sandwich a freshness taste.

Overall, extremely happy to have finally tried Roli Roti. I’ll definitely be back.

Does it beat my first porchetta experience at Il Cane Rosso? Oo, tough call. I’ll have to have them back to back for a complete comparison.

I’ll be flying out to Chicago Monday morning. Please send me suggestions on where to eat in Chicago! I’m still debating on whether I should bring my laptop. If I don’t, have happy new year and see you in a week! :D

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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