Fatties, Part 3

Ugh, my fatty phase continues.

After a full night with friends, I was craving for Top Dog and Jeff wanted donuts.

We pulled up to Top Dog and there was a long line. Of course there's a long line. Everyone, including me, was craving for a late night snack.

I decided I wasn't craving for Top Dog THAT bad, so I crossed the street to meet up with Jeff at King Pin Donuts.

While we waited in the long line, we could see a man make batches after batches of donuts. It was such a tease and made everyone so much more eager to reach the front of the line.

We got a variety to share and my favorite, sugar coated, that was so large! Large, fluffy, hot and yummy. I'm craving it right now as I'm typing this post.

And the best part? Washing it down with vitamin D milk. It's been years since I drank full fat, vitamin D milk. It was a little much at first, but a great compliment to the donuts.

Good times. :)

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