Fatties, Part 1

It's very rare that I crave American-Chinese food. And when I do, I go on a hunt for it.

Unfortunately, I don't know any good Chinese restaurants around my area. I could also be highly biased, considering my parents own one and I've grown up with my dad's dishes.

Jason's first suggestion was King Dong and after last time's experience, my immediate response was no. Then, he suggested another place, few blocks up, called Great China.

We were hungry and decided that we'd order extra food for leftovers. It's really bad to make this decision when you're really hungry. :P

We ordered the classics – hot and sour soup, General's chicken (fried chicken with spicy sauce) and tomato beef. Jason and I also got a few dishes that we were craving – potstickers, ong-choy (water spinach) with fermented tofu paste (sounds gross, but it's good!) and prawns in lobster sauce.

All were decent, mediocre Chinese food. I was a little disappointed that the potstickers were deep fried. The menu specifically said it'd take 10-15 minutes to cook and it came out within a few minutes after we ordered. They must have decided to deep fry the potstickers for quick and easy service. Huge no no, quality shouldn't be compromised, even when the restaurant is packed! And what good is a fried potsticker? The dough is too thick to be fried and makes the dumpling tasteless and hard to eat.

Obviously, we didn't eat all of it and only nibbled here and there. Our table wasn't even big enough for all our food. We were stuffed when we left. My craving was satisfied at the moment, but I'm not sure if I'd go back to Great China.

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