Night Out with the Girls

Ahh yes, my dinners are finally shaping up.

I had dinner with my high school BFFs, Michele and Debbie, at The Peasant and The Pear in Danville. I haven't seen these girls in more than six months (or maybe even a year?!), so I was excited to catch up over a nice dinner.

I've never been to The Peasant and The Pear (again, found it through Yelp) and was very happy with the experience. We were seated in the small patio that was decorated with twinkling lights and a live band – very cute and romantic, definitely a date place.

I was craving for something vegetarian, so I ordered the butternut squash lasagna. The dish came in a piping hot iron pan, sprinkled with nuts. The lasagna was creamy and not cheesy at all. It made me not miss the typical cheesy, grounded beef and marinara sauce combo.

The lasagna was more than enough and I had leftovers (with a cool sticker design). Even though I was satisfied, I still wanted dessert. I ordered the mandarin orange creme brulee. Delicious, with the perfect sugar cracked topping.

I enjoyed the food and most importantly, the great company. I miss these girls. Hopefully, we'll be able to do this again, soon.

By the way, how crazy is it that our waitress was another high school friend? One that I did not recognize. Hey, it's been almost ten years. :X

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