406 Posts Later

I was checking out my posterous account and couldn't believe I already wrote 406 posts. Wow! And it's been a little over a year!

I started this blog last year in July to post pictures from my new camera. My love for food was the ideal subject; also an easy one since I have to eat every day. :)

It's fun to look back at what I ate. It's been very eclectic (as it should be!). From the mediocre Carribean lunch, an amazing breakfast in the woods, to the simplest PB&J and all my lunches at Gap. And how can we forget all my hits and misses at home?

Thank you all for reading and your support. Oh yes, and of course, thank you posterous for making the BEST blogging service!

I leave you now with a yummy soft serve cone from Ikea. Only $1, can't beat that. :D

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