Something New

I was watching Check, Please!, a TV program that reviews restaurants by local residents. This particular episode featured Udupi Palace, a Southern Indian restaurant in Berkeley. Wanting to try a new restaurant and cuisine, this place seemed like the perfect choice.

The menu was hard to decipher. I had no idea what most of the items were and the descriptions were vague. Luckily, I remembered a few dishes that were mentioned in the TV show. 

I ordered a sampler type of dish called thali. Not 100% sure what all the dishes were (would have helped if waiter explained). There was some sort of soup, rice, masalas, sweet chickpeas and lentils – all very different textures and flavors. What the most interesting thing was you'd eat all these dishes with a fried "puffy bread (real description)" called batura. It was huge and quickly deflated once I broke a piece off. The taste was mild and served as a utensil to scoop the different dishes.

Jason ordered a dosa, Indian crepe, with spinach and spicy potatoes. The dish came with a cute little vada or lentil donut. It was quite large and filling, enough to feed the both of us.

Udupi was affordable. It only cost us a little less than $20 for the both of us. The food was good and interesting, but my stomach disagreed soon after leaving the restaurant. I think my stomach wasn't used to all the different flavors and spices. :(

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