Non-Alcoholic Happy Hour

I met up with Kate, Bruce and Tony at my old neighborhood coffee shop, Cup of Joe. I used to go here a lot to do my homework, meet up with friends or just kill some time. They have one of the best deals for happy hour – $3 draft beers and I always get Stella.

But….on this particular day, I forgot my ID at home. I switched purses in the morning and left my ID in my other bag. Boo, guys never have this problem, do they?

I tried to order a drink at the counter and was immediately turned down. I'm 26; come on now! I do look young (it's the Asian in me), but I was pretty annoyed because I had a long day at work and needed an ice cold glass of Stella.

The barista wasn't budging, so I ordered a hot chocolate with whipped cream. I didn't feel like drinking a latte or mocha (my normal coffee drinks). The hot chocolate was surprisingly pretty good – smooth and rich.

I did, however, quench my alcoholic buds by taking sips from my friends' beer. muhahaha – beating the system.

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