The Big Day

Remember a few months ago I went to a dinner tasting at Ondine? The big wedding day for Jason's older brother finally came and we got to compare what we had at the tasting to the real thing.

I missed the hor d'oeuvres since I was taking pictures all across San Francisco (I was a bridesmaid), but they had the lobster BLT, crab cakes, springs rolls and a foie gras tartlet. I was sad that I missed the lobster BLT, since that one was my favorite.

For starters, we had a lettuce and radicchio salad with pear and walnut. The dressing was a light, olive oil based vinagrette. Pretty good.

For entrée, Jason and I strategically ordered different things so we could try both. I got the salmon that was similar to the one we tasted. It was a pan seared organic salmon with an almond basil(?) sauce served with leek fondue and roasted potatoes. Previously, the fish was undercooked, but this time, Ondine nailed it.

At the tasting, the filet mignon entrée came with a fluffly, delicious potato cake and I was looking forward to having it again. When Jason's plate came, I was so disappointed to not see it. They served regular mashed potatoes instead and some broccolini.

The wedding "cake" was from Cheesecake Factory with a few different flavors – oreo, snickerdoodle and original. I had to have a piece of the oreo cheesecake since that one's my favorite. :)

The reception continued with an open bar (woo hoo) and dancing. I was so tired from all the activities, I was ready to plop into bed, and I did just that when I got home.

It was a beautiful wedding on one of the most gorgeous days of San Francisco. Thank you Aki and Ray – congratulations!

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