Strawberry Ice Cream

Seems like I've been doing a lot of second iterations of meals recently (1,2,3,4). And now, the most current one, strawberry ice cream.

My previous homemade ice cream was amazing. Seriously, so good. This time, I wanted to use low fat instead of full vitamin D milk. I figured, I should at least try to make this ice cream habit a little bit healthier.

Bad choice. Low fat milk simply does not compare to full fat milk. I used the same exact techniques (macerate strawberries, chill them, etc), but the ice cream did not have the same results. It was less creamy, not smooth and kind of icy. The strawberry flavor was definitely there, but the texture was off.

I chopped some fresh nectarines, in hopes to mask the bad texture. The strawberry ice cream and fruit were enjoyable, but not as good as the first time.

Noted! Must use full milk, no skimping on the calories here. ;)

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