Seafood Dinner

It was Jason's dad's birthday last month (yes, I'm that behind) and he wanted to go to Taheri's in Walnut Creek to celebrate.

I've never been to this restaurant, but his dad was raving about the crab salad, so I was excited to try it. The four of us started with a Dungeness crab bruchetta with marinated tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. Taheri's didn't skimp on the crab, it was a big pile of meat and worth several bites.

Jason and I split a plate of the famous crab salad. It came with huge lumps of fresh crab meat, tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes and feta on a bed of mixed greens with a balsamic vinaigrette. The crab salad was worth its hype, light and delicious. I want to try to make this at home.

I was already full from the salad, but I still had an entrée coming. Jason and I again, split a plate of Mediterranean prawns in curry with spinach, garlic, basil and tomatoes. It was served on top of crispy Basmati rice. The curry sauce was slightly spicy, but still light and not too thick. It was another great dish.

I really enjoyed Taheri's and can't imagine getting full orders of everything. You'd have to roll me out! It was a delicious meal with Jason's sweet parents. Happy birthday!

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