Met up with Ms. Kate for dinner at Borobudur on Post x Jones. I've been to this restaurant a handful of times and the last time I went, I vowed to not go back because I didn't think it was that good and the food was too salty. But…somehow, months later, I'm back at Borobudur.

We ordered a ton of stuff, way too much for two girls.

We started off with fried spring rolls with chicken, carrot, tofu and bamboo shoot. The second dish, stewed beef with spices and coconut milk was recommended by the waiter. The meat was really soft and tender, but the sauce was way too salty and overwhelming.

I mistakenly ordered regular sautéed spinach with tofu and garlic, when in reality, I wanted to order water spinach. Lastly, we ordered fried rice with salted fish (salt cured fish). I know, I know, you're thinking, of course it's going to be salty, you ordered salty fish! This dish, I did expect to be somewhat salty, but there still needs to be a balance of flavor, not just overly salty!

The only thing I like about Borobudur is their desserts. I was too full, so I didn't order any of their special drinks with coconut jelly, jack fruit, red bean and all sorts of other exotic fruits. Instead, we split a plate of thousand layer cake. The cake is extremely soft (tons of butter!) with a slightly spongy texture. It's called thousand layer cake because it's made of many (I counted 20!) layers of cake sandwiched together. It's soooo good, but I swear Borobudur buys this pre-made. Does anyone know where I can find this?

I left the restaurant disappointed and vowed once again to not come back for dinner – unsatisfying and way too salty. I'll be back for desserts though, no doubt.

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