Couch Potato

I was feeling kind of lazy and wasn't sure what to make, but I found some cooked ground beef in my fridge and a potato on my counter. I quickly figured I could make a stuffed potato for dinner.

There's a potato button on my microwave and I've been wanting to use it (the popcorn button works very well), so this was the perfect opportunity.

I first poked holes into the potato and then threw it into the microwave. The potato cooked for several minutes per button push and it took three tries to get it fully steamed and soft.

I next microwaved the ground beef, cut the potato and filled it. I found some cheddar cheese in my fridge and topped the stuffed potato. A couple more minutes in the microwave to melt the cheese.

Luckily, there were green onions and sour cream in my fridge. Hmm, come to think of it, I have a pretty well stocked fridge. ;)

This was the easiest, quickest dinner I've ever made – all done with a microwave! Satisfying too. A little on the heavy side, but it's ok once in awhile.

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