Back to High School

When I was young and underage, I'd go to a Korean restaurant in Oakland nicknamed "Porno." The place got its nickname because the interior walls were decorated with x-rated movie posters. I'd frequent this restaurant with Jason and his friends in high school to enjoy pitchers of watered down Miller and Kimchi Fried Rice.

After many numerous visits, Porno became old and we stopped going there. I don't remember exactly when we stopped, but all of a sudden, we didn't go there anymore.

It's been years since I've last gone, but the boys decided to reminisce and go after Eat Real's Ice Cream Friday event (see previous post).

The place looked the same, except there weren't as many x-rated posters. They were replaced with American and Korean movie posters. What's surprising is seeing the place almost empty. It was once a popular spot for kids and now it is dead on a late Friday night.

Jeff ordered an array of dishes for all of us that included kim chi fried rice, gizzards, fried chicken and spicy "everything (noodles, dumpling, vegetables, etc)." We also got a special on-the-house fruit platter because the boss remembered Jason (wow, 8+ years and she still remembers!).

The food was mediocre, nothing special and not as good as I remembered. I happily enjoyed a pitcher of soju cocktail. Don't worry, it wasn't completely by myself. Although, I wouldn't mind since it's so good. haha.

It felt lame hanging out there and just not the same as how it was years ago, so we left soon after we finished eating.

I doubt I would go back anytime soon. I'd like to tuck this restaurant with all my other high school memories and keep it there.

By the way, I finally found out the name of the restaurant that night—Dan Sung Sa. But, it'd always be Porno in my heart.

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