More Street Food

The street food continues……with Chez Spencer.

Charles Chocolate Factory in Emeryville was hosting an outdoor screening of Ratatouille and Chez Spencer was going to be there.

My friends arrived before me and they ordered a whole bunch of stuff: frog legs in curry, braised lamb stew, sweetbreads with sherry and escargot puffs. They recommended the lamb and escargot, so Jason and I ordered those two and garlic shrimp.

Ratatouille cup with almond crust was on the menu, but unfortunately, they were not serving it. How could they not serve ratatouille when they were going to play the movie?! tsk tsk.

My first bite was from the "safe" dish – garlic shrimp, which was what it was. Shrimp drenched in garlic and butter, nothing new.

I'm not a huge fan of lamb, so I was hesitant to eat the stew, but hey, I have to try everything. Very gamey. Exactly why I hate lamb.

Escargot was next. Deep breath. One bite and I don't know if it was in my head, but I instantly started to taste dirt. The escargot was chewy and all I could think about was to try not to spit it out.

Overpriced food ($7-9 per dish, $2 for each escargot), considering this is from a truck. Street food is suppose to be affordable! Chez Spencer is definitely not my cup of tea and I would never go back.

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